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5 Ways to Save Money with Commercial Asphalt Paving

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According to HomeAdvisor.com, the average cost of new asphalt installation is $4,400. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes commercial property owners make is not maintaining their asphalt parking lots and driveways.

It costs much less money to fill asphalt cracks and repair potholes or to prevent damage in the first place with sealcoating.

In this blog post, we will explain how you can prolong the life of your asphalt pavement and save money.

As long as the asphalt is good quality and was properly compacted during installation, there’s no reason why your new commercial parking lot or driveway shouldn’t last 20 years. For more information on how to maintain asphalt surfaces, we recommend talking to a commercial asphalt contractor near you.

1. Prevent Water Damage with Proper Drainage

Standing water can weaken the surface of asphalt pavement and make it vulnerable to asphalt cracks and potholes. Not only does standing water reduce the lifespan of your pavement, but it can also reduce the number of usable parking spaces in your lot.

Standing water in parking lots is caused by:

  • Blocked drainage system
  • Sunken pavement caused by damaged foundation
  • Large asphalt cracks and potholes filled with water

Many asphalt drainage problems can be prevented by hiring an experienced asphalt parking lot contractor. A professional will make sure that your pavement has the appropriate slope so water drains properly. Otherwise, you may end up with a giant puddle in the middle of your parking lot every time it rains. It always costs less money to have a parking lot properly installed in the first place than to have to go back and make repairs.

2. Install Porous Asphalt Pavement to Receive Tax Credits

Like the name suggests, porous asphalt pavement has a porous surface that allows water to seep in and drain into the underlying stone bed. From there, the stormwater is able to drain into the surrounding soil.

Not only does installing permeable pavement make your company eligible to receive tax credits, but it also helps manage stormwater. When stormwater is able to drain away from your parking lot, you don’t have to worry about the cost of repairing damage from standing water.

3. Compare Asphalt Paving Quotes

To get the best price for a parking lot or driveway replacement, we recommend comparing quotes from several Three Rivers asphalt contractors. Keep in mind that the company that offers the lowest price may not be the most qualified for the job. Since proper asphalt installation is crucial for preventing asphalt repairs in the future, it is important you do your research.

Make sure the quote includes the costs for supplies, labor, and machinery rental. Companies that own their own asphalt machinery will be able to offer you the most accurate quotes because they’re not at the mercy of a changing market for machinery rental expenses.

4. Invest in Asphalt Maintenance Services

No one wants to replace their asphalt pavement prematurely, which is why it’s important to invest in asphalt maintenance services. For example, asphalt sealcoating forms a protective layer against UV rays, rain, snow, and automobile fluids.

If you notice any cracks or potholes in your asphalt surface, you’ll want to schedule repairs as soon as possible. Unrepaired cracks and potholes can grow and allow water to seep into the foundation to cause permanent damage.

5. Hire a Licensed Asphalt Contractor

Make sure that the asphalt contractor you hire is licensed and insured. That way, you’ll know that the new asphalt will be properly compacted and given enough slope to drain stormwater. Substandard asphalt installation is one of the most common reasons why asphalt parking lots and driveways start deteriorating sooner than they should.

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