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How Speed Bumps Improve Parking Lot Safety

How Speed Bumps Improve Parking Lot Safety Kalamazoo, MI

As a commercial property owner, it's your responsibility to maintain safe parking lot conditions for drivers and pedestrians. Fortunately, our asphalt contractors offer services like speed bump installation so you can force drivers to slow down to a safe speed. If you notice people driving too fast through your parking lot, continue reading to learn how speed bumps can help. For more information, reach out to our parking lot contractors today.

Forces Drivers to Slow Down

The main purpose of a speed bump is to force drivers to slow down. Parking lots can be dangerous places, especially when people drive too fast. Drivers have to be aware of pedestrians, cars backing out, and other traffic. A strategically placed speed bump can drastically improve parking lot safety by forcing drivers to reduce their speed and pay attention.

Reinforces the Speed Limit

If the speed limit isn't posted, drivers should assume the maximum speed is 15 mph. However, many drivers still drive over the speed limit without a physical reminder. If a driver doesn't slow down to a safe speed going over a speed bump, they'll get an uncomfortable jolt and could even damage their vehicle. This is usually all the incentive a driver needs to obey the speed limit.

In addition to speed bumps, our asphalt contractors are able to install parking lot signs. These traffic signs can include speed limit signs, stop signs, pedestrian crossing signs, and more.

Prevents Accidents

Many property owners decide to install speed bumps near the building's entrance so vehicles are forced to slow down for pedestrians. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt while exiting your building, putting you at risk for a lawsuit. In a perfect world, drivers would always drive the speed limit and watch for pedestrians. Since we live in reality, we recommend installing speed bumps to prevent accidents.

Prevents Property Damage

A speed bump reduces your risk for property damage by forcing drivers to slow down and pay attention. Cars are more likely to crash into curbs, signs, light posts, and other vehicles when they're going too fast. Fortunately, parking lot speed bumps are physical reminders to drivers that they need to reduce their speed.

Keeps Crosswalks Safe

When people drive too fast through your parking lot, it increases the risk of pedestrian accidents. As a commercial property owner, the last thing you want is for customers to get hurt while trying to enter your store or walk to their vehicles. For this reason, we recommend placing parking lot speed bumps near places that receive high foot traffic.

Other Ways to Improve Parking Lot Safety

When you request your quote for speed bump installation, don't forget about our other asphalt services that improve parking lot safety. For example, line striping helps prevent door dings by letting drivers know where there is sufficient parking space. Likewise, crack and pothole repair will help prevent premature parking lot replacement.

Our Kalamazoo asphalt contractors work hard to earn your business by offering a range of parking lot maintenance services like speed bump installation. To request your quote for parking lot speed bumps, call TM Asphalt Sealing at (269) 496-7281.