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How Winter Weather Affects Asphalt Parking Lots

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Is your asphalt parking lot ready for winter weather? If you haven’t filled in potholes and cracks in your commercial lot yet, now is a good time to call your local asphalt maintenance contractor. With proper maintenance, there’s no reason why your parking lot can’t last up to 25 years from the day it was installed. However, many property owners underestimate the damage that Mother Nature and amateur snow plow drivers can wreak on their pavements.

The asphalt paving contractors at TM Asphalt Sealing recommend having asphalt pavement repairs done before the snow flies. Since asphalt contractors are more in demand in the spring, you may have a harder time trying to get your parking lot repaired if you wait. Winter weather also has a way of worsening asphalt cracks and potholes so that they cost more money to repair.

In this blog post, our asphalt contractors will explain how winter weather affects asphalt parking lots. For more information, we recommend reaching out to an asphalt parking lot contractor near you.

Asphalt Cracks and Potholes

It’s important to get asphalt cracks and potholes filled before the snow flies. Otherwise, you could end up with more expensive asphalt pavement repairs in the spring. Since asphalt expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures, the harsh freeze-thaw cycles can be enough to cause permanent damage.

If asphalt potholes and cracks get deep enough, they can allow water to penetrate the foundation to cause lasting damage. In fact, many of the premature parking lot replacements we’ve done in the past could have been prevented if the property owners had invested in asphalt maintenance.

Faded Parking Lot Lines and Markings

As a commercial property owner, it is your responsibility to keep your parking lot safe for motorists and pedestrians. In the winter, this means that you will need to remove snow and ice to maintain safe parking lot conditions. While salt and de-icing chemicals won’t affect asphalt pavement, the same can’t be said of pavement markings. As a result, you may need to pay for parking lot striping and stenciling in the spring.

Retouching faded pavement markings is important because it is a matter of safety. Depending on the size of your parking lot, painted arrows may be responsible for directing the flow of traffic. Handicap parking spaces, fire lanes, and pedestrian crossings will also need to be clearly marked.

Snow Plow Scrapes

It’s not uncommon for a rookie snow plow driver to set the blade too low. As a result, you may notice some shallow scrapes across the surface of your parking lot. Thankfully, snow plow damage to parking lots is usually superficial and can be repaired with another coat of asphalt sealant in the spring. In rare cases, you may need to get asphalt crack filler for gouges deeper than 1 inch.

The commercial asphalt contractors at TM Asphalt Sealing work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied with your asphalt pavement. If you are interested in our asphalt maintenance services, give our asphalt contractors in Kalamazoo, MI a call at (269) 496-7281.