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Infrared Patching Kalamazoo Asphalt Paving

Does your parking lot or driveway need asphalt repairs? Our asphalt company uses the latest technology to fill potholes and cracks year-round.

While traditional asphalt repair requires warm weather for permanent results, we are able to restore pavement on some of the coldest days through infrared patching. Infrared asphalt repair takes less time, equipment, and manpower than traditional methods so you can return to your normal routine as soon as possible. Infrared patching is used for:

  • Uneven pavement
  • Bonding speed bumps to existing asphalt
  • Smooth transitions around manholes

Infrared patching doesn’t leave behind a cold seam where new asphalt meets existing pavement. This is important because a cold seam leaves pavement vulnerable to water damage, which causes the asphalt patch to fail. You don’t have this problem with infrared patching. Whether you need parking lot or driveway repair, you can count on our technology and expertise.

Our asphalt contractors use our special infrared equipment to heat and soften pavement enough so we can remove the top layer. The amount of time needed to heat the surface depends on the season, as well as the type and depth of asphalt that needs to be removed. Each layer has to be heated individually so the lower layers are able to absorb enough heat. Once the damaged asphalt has been removed, we are able to install and reheat new asphalt so it creates a seamless asphalt patch.

Our Kalamazoo asphalt contractors at TM Asphalt Sealing LLC work hard to make sure you are satisfied with how your pavement looks after infrared patching. To schedule your asphalt repair, call our office at (269) 496-7281.