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Kalamazoo Parking Lot Extras

Kalamazoo Parking Lot Extras

As a commercial building owner, you can be held liable for accidents that happen in your parking lot. Fortunately, our asphalt contractors can work with you to improve parking lot safety for drivers and pedestrians.

We offer extra services for asphalt parking lots (like speed bump installation) to reinforce speed limits and direct traffic.

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps force drivers to slow down, making them perfect for residential streets and private roads leading to parking lots. We recommend speed bumps for places with high pedestrian traffic, such as malls, schools, parking ramps, or residential streets. Speeding is one of the main causes of traffic accidents, which is why we recommend speed bump installation.

Parking & Traffic Signs

We’re always mindful while working near moving traffic, especially when installing parking and traffic signs. Traffic signs can help safely direct the flow of cars from your parking lot to the street. We can also install traffic signs for private roads. Private road signs alert drivers that they are trespassing and that there is no thru street.

Pedestrian and driver safety is one of our top priorities. Our asphalt contractors have experience installing parking signs to clearly mark handicap spaces, fire lanes, and more. Your new parking or traffic signs will be rooted in asphalt to help them withstand high winds.

Bumper Blocks

Bumper blocks (also called parking blocks or wheel stops) reduce the likelihood of a vehicle accidently striking your building and other structures. Most of our clients use wheel stops to protect parking signs, utility poles, garbage containers, and other parked vehicles. Parking bumpers can also be used to stop vehicles from accidently rolling into sidewalks and streets, improving pedestrian safety.

Pipe Bollards

Pipe bollards are typically used for storefronts where pedestrian traffic is heaviest. These safety bollards prevent vehicles from accidently striking pedestrians or the front of your building. However, safety bollards can also be used to protect equipment from forklift collisions.

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