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Why Does My Parking Lot Have Potholes?

Why Does My Parking Lot Have Potholes? Kalamazoo, MI

Once the snow melts, you may notice that your parking lot has more potholes than you remembered from last fall. During freeze-thaw cycles, asphalt expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures. When this happens, you’re more likely to experience potholes, cracks, and other types of damage to your asphalt parking lot. Thankfully, our parking lot contractors offer preventative maintenance services.

The best way to protect your parking lot is to learn what causes potholes so you can avoid paying for pothole repair later in the year. Be sure to call our asphalt contractors at the first sign of damage. We are always more than happy to help commercial property owners.

How do potholes form in the winter?

Asphalt expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures. This movement is enough to widen pre-existing cracks and potholes until they become a serious problem. As a commercial property owner, you are responsible for maintaining safe parking lot conditions for drivers and pedestrians. However, if you hold off on making repairs, water can seep into your parking lot’s foundation to cause structural damage.

Most of the monster potholes you see in the spring are caused by water infiltration. Once trapped water freezes, it pushes up the surface of your parking lot. Then, when the temperature rises, the ice melts and leaves behind a cavity between the pavement and sub-base. The empty space weakens pavement until it collapses into a pothole under the weight of traffic.

How do I prevent potholes?

The best way to prevent potholes is through preventative maintenance. For example, asphalt sealcoating protects your parking lot from UV rays, moisture, and automobile fluids. Parking lot maintenance saves you money in the long run because it helps you avoid expensive asphalt repair once the snow melts.

Spring is one of the busiest times for paving contractors, which is why we recommend calling us as soon as possible. Once the weather warms up, we’ll be flooded with calls from other commercial property owners looking to schedule pothole repair and other services like parking lot striping. The sooner you schedule parking lot repair, the less you’ll end up paying in the long run.

Can I repair potholes in cold weather?

Spring weather in Michigan is unpredictable. If the weather is still too cold for hot mix asphalt repair, ask about our infrared patches. We use the latest technology to fill potholes and cracks year-round, regardless of the temperature outside. Infrared asphalt repair doesn’t leave behind a cold seam where new asphalt meets existing pavement, decreasing the risk of water infiltration.

Our asphalt contractors use infrared equipment to heat and soften pavement enough that we can remove damaged asphalt in layers. Once the damaged pavement has been removed, we are able to install and reheat new asphalt so it creates a seamless asphalt patch.

You can count on our Kalamazoo asphalt contractors for pothole repair and other parking lot maintenance services. To request a quote for asphalt parking lot repair, call TM Asphalt Sealing at (269) 496-7281.